13 Oct note: No partitioning in B.I , except DB2 (as it supports) .. What are the maximum number of partitions you can create on an InfoCube?. 9 Oct There are some differences in SAP BI while creating objects. We will see how to create InfoCube and other related Objects in SAP BI Infocube uses. 4 Apr How to create an InfoCube. 1. SAP BI 7.X FOR SMARTIES SERIES TBW10 Solution Exercise 5 Creating an InfoCube; 2. Creating an InfoCube.

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For example, sales quantity for a product, customer and location combination. InfoCube Design techniques of helps us to reveal automatic changes in the Hoow. X delta, before image. If we do partitioning on Cube Query reading performance will be increased for ex: Documents that are changed during the reconstruction run display incorrect values in BW because the logic of the before and after images no longer match. What is Degenerated Dimension?

What Is an Infocube in SAP BI/BW? How To Create One?

The dimensions of an Info-Cube are entities or hierarchies. In the dialog box, enter the technical hierarchy name, or the hierarchy version if applicable, the time-reference, and at least one short description of the hierarchy. Yow are the tables we can see under expanded node: Give more attention on bring the character information through navigational attribute.

Select the InfoObject tree in the Administrator Workbench. Ensure optimum cardinality while adding characteristics infoobject to dimensions. So how many partitions are created after partitioning?

The same ib point 2; there, the document is in the update queue, here, it is in the delta queue. SM13 — serialized or un-serialized V3 update. Advantages and Disadvantages of an InfoCube partitioning?

Step by Step Guide to load data to BW using BI

Infocube uses concept of star schema. SQL partitioning limit issue: Different Types of Delta Updates.

Once done, return back to the initial screen of SE18 and proceed with next step. This results in the creation of duplicate data in BW.

how to desigh the infocube

Search or use up and down arrow keys to unfocube an item. Below you can see various errors on reconstruction. Step 3 Enter the Technical Name.

What is meant by table partitioning of an InfoCube? Open link in a new tab. A Complete repartitioning, B Adding partitions to an e fact table that is already partitioned and C Merging empty or almost empty partitions of an e fact table that is already partitioned 5.

However, since no delta queue yet exists in RSA7, there is no target for this data and it is lost. Your own Infocube should begin with a letter from A to Z and that it should be 3 to 9 characters in length. Stores the data physically in the cube. Thus dimension table hw not created in this case.

how to desigh the infocube

What are InfoCube tables? Can you explain the alternative time dependent entire hierarchies in InfoCube design?

Each dimension can hold characteristics for analysis. What are the InfoCube design alternatives?