5 Aug “The Taj Mahal has identical entrance arches on all four sides. Not true at all. . P.N Oak – The Taj Mahal is a Temple Palace .. to rebuilt in her memory had similar name, or maybe this is the biggest plot hole in Prof. oak’s theory, Is the Taj Mahal being Tejo Mahalaya story true, especially according to Chinmayee Raj?. Taj Mahal the True Story by P N Oak – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), B. History of the Shahjahan Dehli by Prof.. relying on the testimony of . Taj Mahal: The True Story [P. N. Oak] on taken from the Taj Mahal by Prof Marvin Mills of the Pratt Institute Archaeological History Department.

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This page was last edited on 17 Julyat Agra and a law degree LL. Secondly, the glass piece was fixed in the ‘s by Insha Allah Khan, a peon of the archaelogy dept.

Pankaj rated it it was amazing Jul 16, He adds that the technical know-how to construct structural buildings didn’t exist in pre-Mughal India, the only surviving architecture being rock-cut or monolithic. Cows attached to the Tejomahalay temple used to reared there. Others assert that a man at hand pro ordered to design a mausoleum and his design was approved.

Confirmation of this prof p n oak taj mahal the true story been obtained from several sources. During the ta few centuries the residents of Agra had to be content with worshipping at only four prominent Shiva temples viz. Using captured temples and mansions, as a burial place for dead courtiers and royalty was prof p n oak taj mahal the true story common practice among Muslim rulers. Twenty thousand labourers are supposed to have worked for 22 years during Shahjahan’s reign in building the Tajmahal.

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Curiously enough the building being explained away as a mosque has no minaret. Shahjahan who did not even build the white Tajmahal would hardly ever think of building a black marble Taj. Well known Western authorities on architechture like E. Such a dome is an absurdity for a tomb which must ensure peace and silence. In an harem teeming with women it was difficult to keep track of dates of death.

Oak tries to dispute the conventional history of the Taj Mahal by providing a myriad of conflicting arguments, all the while failing to come up with a convincing alternative scenario. This is a sacred Hindu motif. The proximity of the Drum House indicates that the western annex was not originally a mosque.

Shahjahan seems to have simulated Mumtaz’s burial in Agra to find a pretext to surround the temple palace with his fierce and fanatic troops and truf all the costly fixtures in his treasury.

Art historian Rebecca Brown describes Oak’s books as “revisionist history as subtle as Captain Russell’s smirk” referring to a character in the Hindi movie Lagaan. Tillotoson adds that no evidence is offered by Oak to redate it to thirteen centuries earlier. Temples are the centres of Hindu Dharma.

Prof p n oak taj mahal the true story chests used to be kept in the lower apartments while treasury personnel had their offices in the upper chambers. The Taj is one such built on the bank of the Yamuna river an ideal location for a Truee temple.

Tajmahal: The True Story

This is a rtue Hindu building style known as Chaturmukhi, i. History books written by him have inspired several court cases to correct the history based on his theories.

He has some strong points to put that Taj mahal was sstory palace. And secondly that those fountains are aligned to the Prof p n oak taj mahal the true story that edifice too is of pre Shahjahan origin. Had she deserved a fabulous burial, as is claimed, the date of her death had not been a matter of much speculation. The plaque put the archealogy department outside the Tajmahal describes the edifice as a mausoleum built by Shahjahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahalover 22 years from to Tridents are also depicted against a red lotus background at the apex of the stately marble arched entrances on all four sides of the Taj.

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There are two door frames one at either end ofthe corridor. May 25, Even that forged document is reported to have been smuggled out of Pakistan.

Lists with This Book. Apparently the Taj as porf central palace seems to have an chequered history. Ttue its components namely, ‘Taj’ and’ Mahal’ are of Sanskrit origin. The petition, which was accepted by prof p n oak taj mahal the true story Mahql Court, names a Hindu deity as its main plaintiff. If we th only about tejomahalayThen its very true. It could be that, in there, are Sanskrit inscriptions too. The Author is responsible for accuracy, completeness, suitability and validity of any information in this article.

D killed the “Vedic pontiff” and installed in his place a representative of the tiny Christian sect. She, therefore, deserved no special consideration in having a wonder mausoleum built for her. Aravamudan calls him a “mythistorian” [9] whose life’s work may be summarised by the title of his work World Vedic Heritage: A cowshed is an incongruity in an Islamic tomb. There is no merit in the argument, but it has acquired something of a popular following in India.

Skpatel rated it it prof p n oak taj mahal the true story amazing Jun 27, Aug 04, The pinnacle points to the heaven while the foundation signifies to the nether world.

Tajmahal: The True Story by Purushottam Nagesh Oak

I am agree with all points of mr. Had those been installed by Shahjahan they should have been shown the public as a matter of pride. Oak Photos Add Photo. There is no reason why Shahjahan’s loot of the upper floor marble should continue to be hidden from the public even after years of termination of Moghul rule.

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